I’m Stuck!!?

I’ve been feeling the need to write, a lot, lately. I feel like I am so stuck in my career and not quite sure how to “goo gone” myself. I am currently working a job that doesn’t fulfill my passions or even make me a better person. The feedback I’ve been getting whilst interviewing for […]

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Rain on my Parade

I’ve been a Certified Child Life Specialist since November of 2017. I moved back to Oregon in May (since previously living in Michigan for 7 months) On my drive back home I was asked to start a job two days later. (I never applied for this job, but one of my old soccer coaches from […]

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Hi Fellow Child Lifers, Thought it’s been awhile and I feel the need to do an update! I’ve been working on getting PDUs now that I’m certified, though not actively practicing. I got a job working for a DME (durable medical equipment) company that dispenses medical equipment (such as knee braces, crutches, walking boots, slings..etc). […]

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So, last you heard, I was working. Well, now you’re reading that I quit my job. I worked at the daycare for about 1+ month. Things didn’t work out because my husband (who plays hockey) was moved to a team in NY. Working 7+ days with a tiny dog at home didn’t work for me […]

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New Job

I got a new job about three weeks ago working in a daycare/school. I hate it. Let me tell you why. While I have learned a lot about the psychosocial aspects of healthy preschoolers, I have been sick for 3 straight weeks. Let me tell you why. Kids don’t wash their hands. Kids have their […]

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This blog post reflects on my time as an intern. Per my last post, those were things that I, in my profession of child life, will live by. Today I sit in the office, ready to pack my things up and move forward in this profession. Though I will reflect on my time as an […]


Finger Puppets!

One of the most popular group activities I chose to do were finger puppets! Long story short, I helped about 10 people cast their fingers in the playroom (most wanted to do all five fingers), and we let them dry. While they were drying I got paints, stickers, and markers ready so that once the […]

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